Grand Chapter
of Wyoming
Footprints Through Time

Mystic #8, Green River
August 11, 1898

Anna P Davis
Helen Lenhart
H Earl
William Ragsdale
Charles Realing
      The Most Worthy Grand Patron H.H. Hinds, of the General Grand Chapter made the following report in his address at the Assembly held in Washington D.C., September 27 -30, 1898. "August 11, 1898, I issued a charter for Mystic Chapter No. 8, Green River, Wyoming, instituted August 20, 1898, by Dr. E.P. Rohrbaugh, Grand Master, A.F. & A.M., Wyoming, and Past Worthy Patron of Oak Leaf Chapter No. 6., with 23 charter members. Worthy Matron was Mrs. Julia E. Snyder; Worthy Patron was R.B. Abbott; and Associate Matron was Mrs. Madge Ellen Condish".
     Mystic Chapter No. 8 began meeting in the Masonic Hall on Railroad Avenue in Green River.
     The charter is signed by H.H. Hinds, Most Worthy Grand Patron; Mary E. Partridge, Most Worthy Grand Matron, and Lorraine J. Pitkin, Right Worthy Grand Secretary, of the General Grand Chapter.
     Although, Mystic Chapter No. 8 did not have a representative at the Grand Chapter organization in 1898, Sister Julia Snyder was appointed Worthy Grand Adah, and in 1899 she was the sole representative from Mystic Chapter No. 8 to Grand Chapter in Cheyenne. She was then appointed Worthy Grand Chaplain.
      The Third Annual Session of the Grand Chapter of Wyoming was held in the Masonic Temple in Green River, on September 4, 1900. Sister Minnie Peters was elected Associate Grand Conductress at this session. She did not attend the next Grand Chapter Session and Sister Julia Snyder was elected Associate Grand Conductress in 1901. At the Third Annual Grand Chapter Session Mystic Chapter No. 8 had four Sisters and Brothers appointed as Grand Officers, besides Sister Minnie Peters who was an elected Grand Officer.
      Sister Julia Snyder was our first Worthy Grand Matron, serving the Grand Chapter of Wyoming in 1904.Our chapter purchased the first labyrinth carpet in 1904 at the terrific cost of $10.35. In 1904 the annual dues were $1.00 and initiation fees were $3.00. By 1930 these had increased to $2.00 a year dues, and $10.00 initiation fees. Our organ was purchased in 1901 for $15.00.
      Members of Mystic Chapter No. 8 exemplified the Floral Work at the Grand Chapter Session in Evanston in 1913.Electa's cup was started in 1916 and Past Officers night started in April 1920.In 1921 the obligation was given in unison by all members at the close of each meeting. Two members were appointed at each meeting to lead the obligation at the following meeting.
      The Kensington Club was very active and generously donated the electric star in 1922, the signet in 1928, and new emblems for the Star Points in 1955.The members of Mystic Chapter changed the By-laws in 1933 to have one meeting per month.
      Harold and Barbara Walker were the first husband and wife team to serve in the East.
      At 92 years young, Sister Mary Maxam was our first 50 year member.
     The family of Sister Sadie Shaver presented our satin Altar cloth in her memory on January 7, 1987.The star point chairs were presented to Mystic Chapter No. 8 in May 1994 by the family of Sister Mildred Jones, Sister Lois Robertson and Sister Marion Crawford.
      Mystic Chapter No. 8 gave its first honorary memberships to Worthy Grand Matron Theresa Duncan and Worthy Grand Patron John Boucher, in October 1967. Sister Theresa had been initiated into our chapter, but later demitted. This tradition goes on still today.
      We celebrated our 50th Anniversary in 1948. Sister Sadie Jones and Brother Edward Hill presided over the event. Our 75th Anniversary was presided over by Sister Geraldine Stephens and Brother Donald Yowell in 1973, and we will celebrate our 100th Anniversary in 1998.