Grand Chapter
of Wyoming
Footprints Through Time

Oak Leaf #6, Cheyenne
May 17, 1897 - December 31, 2017

Henry Bunger
Ellen Schilling
Arthur Underwood
Grace Emerson
Daryl Dutcher
     The charter of Oak Leaf Chapter No. 6, Order of the Eastern Star was issued under the seal of the General Grand Chapter May 17, 1897. There were thirty-three registered charter members.
     The first meeting on record was a special meeting held in the Masonic Hall May 6, 1897. The first By-laws were adopted at this meeting and approved by the Most Worthy Grand Matron, Sister Mary E. Partridge. The chapter was instituted May 26, 1897. Oak Leaf Chapter's first Worthy Matron was Sister Frannie Jones and the first Worthy Patron was E.P. Rohrbaugh.
     Originally, the dues were set at $ 1.00 per year. The initiation fee for ladies was $2.00 and $5.00 for men. They soon learned that dues and fees could not meet expenses so moneys were raised by holding monthly card parties and socials in their homes and by serving dinners for the Masons.
     In 1900 Sister Ella J. Rohrbaugh was elected Worthy Grand Matron of the Grand Chapter of Wyoming. That same year Sister Inez Robinson was elected Grand Secretary and served in that office from 1900 to 1923.
     In 1901 Brother Henry Bunger was elected Worthy Grand Patron of the Grand Chapter of Wyoming. Brother Bunger was also Oak Leafs first Worthy Patron. It was during this year that their emblems were purchased and other paraphernalia was acquired as finances permitted.
     In 1904 robes were purchased for the officers. They were made of taffeta trimmed in velvet in the five colors plus purple, gray and black.
     In the early years, chapter assistance was given not only to members, but also to many charitable organizations. Support was given to the Children's Home in Wheatland, the Y.W.C.A., the Near East Relief, Children's Home in South Dakota, Cathedral Home in Laramie, San Francisco refugees in 1906 and many others.
     In 1914 a waiver of jurisdiction was granted to Pine Bluffs to organize their own chapter.
     In 1917 Oak Leaf helped to establish the local Queen Esther Circle.
     During the war years, the chapter and Queen Esther Circle worked together in all branches of the Red Cross and support of member related service members. They were involved in every phase of support, i. e., entertainment, knitting, sewing clubs, hospital work, etc.
     In 1920 Oak Leaf moved to the Masonic Temple on invitation of the Wyoming Consistory. Dues were raised to $3.00 and the initiation fee raised to $ 10.00.
     In 1922 Oak Leaf once again granted a waiver of jurisdiction, this time to organize a new chapter (Mizpah) in Cheyenne.
     In 1923 Sister Vera Jones of Oak Leaf was elected Grand Secretary, replacing Oak Leafs own Sister Inez Robinson.
     In 1929 Oak Leaf, Mizpah and Queen Esther Circle sponsored the first Job's Daughters Bethel to be organized in Cheyenne.
     In 1934 the Oak Leaf By-laws were repealed and a new set was adopted and approved by Worthy Grand Matron Hulda V. Gylling, a member of Oak Leaf.
     In 1941 the Chapter initiated the giving of Bibles to all candidates. During World War II, chapter members again worked diligently in giving many thousands of hours in direct/indirect support of all branches of the military services.  
     In 1958 dues were raised from $3.00 to $4.00 and the By-laws amended to add the Sentinel to the elective officers. In 1960 Oak Leaf entertained four 50-year members, Sisters Laure Gregory, Mattie Prichard, Florence B. Reed, and Brother John D. Wright.
     In 1962 a spaghetti dinner was served to 440 persons. The amount turned over to the chapter was $295.00.
     In 1963 Sister Patricia Preuitt, a member of Oak Leaf, was chosen as Mrs. Wyoming for 1963. She represented Wyoming at the National contest.
     In 1966 rent to the Masonic Building Association was $300.00 per year. Oak Leaf donated $1,000.00 to The Masonic Building Association for the installation of the elevator.
     In 1968 the Worthy Matron congratulated Florrie Reed for serving Oak Leaf as Secretary for fifty years. She was given a life membership to Oak Leaf.      In 1969 Oak Leaf purchased a wheel chair to be used at the chapter. During the year, the initiation fee was raised to $10.00, affiliation fee to $3.00, and dues were raised to $5.00. A new secretary was installed.
     In 1970 the Masonic Building Association rent was raised to $350.00  
     In 1972 Sister Florrie Reed was honored as Oak Leafs Sweetheart for having served the chapter so long. During this year, the chapter celebrated its Diamond Jubilee Birthday with a special program at the Masonic Temple.
      In 1976 the meeting time was changed to 7:30 p.m. and a new secretary was installed.
      In 1979 the new rent assessment from the Masonic Building Association was $6.09 per capita making the rent $3,552.00 per year. As a result of this significant increase, chapter dues were raised from $10.00 to $15.00 per year. In 1981 a Sweetheart Dance was held at the Shrine Club for all Masonic Bodies.
     In 1983 Oak Leaf, for the first time, had to elect a Past Patron to fill the chair of Worthy Patron. In 1995 dues were raised to $30.00 per year. Oak Leaf celebrated the 100th Birthday of the chapter with a dinner at the Masonic Temple on May 2, 1997. The chapter also celebrated the Homecoming of their own Sister Peggy Loveridge, Worthy Grand Matron of the Grand Chapter of Wyoming, on May 3, 1997.