Grand Chapter
of Wyoming
Footprints Through Time

Lupine #52, Dubois
May 8, 1959

Orion "Bucky"
      A meeting of interested people was called for March 2, 1959, in the Masonic Hall, and a petition for dispensation was signed by 24 people. Alice Shoemaker and Les Shoemaker were elected Worthy Matron and Worthy Patron at this meeting. Brother Les was a Past Patron of Radiant Chapter No. 34 at Lovell, Wyoming. Gracia Cross was elected Associate Matron; Donald Mosher, Associate Patron; Vella Foresman, Conductress; Ann Luedtke, Associate Conductress; Richard Letellier, Treasurer; and Alice Latta, Secretary. The balance on hand at the meeting was eight dollars.
      On May 8, 1959, the chapter was instituted. Olivet Chapter No. 3 of Lander sponsored Lupine Chapter No. 52. Worthy Grand Patron Kenneth Johnson called the meeting to order and Worthy Grand Matron Frances Clark presided. Worthy Matron Betty Sable, of Olivet No. 3, Lander, exemplified the work. Thirty-two candidates were received and the officers were installed. The chapter met in the hall above the Rustic Pine Tavern.
      June 19, 1959, was the date of the first official visit. The inspecting officer was Sister Elsie Kelly of Riverton Chapter No. 21.
      The properties of the chapter were inventoried, appraised and insured. In August of 1959, Lupine Chapter No. 52 received its charter at the Grand Chapter Session held in Lander, Wyoming.
      Constituting Ceremonies were conducted on September 26, 1959, by Worthy Grand Matron Mamie Brown and Worthy Grand Patron Newton A. White.
      The first Grand Representative to be appointed was Sister Alice Shoemaker who was appointed Grand Representative of California in 1960.In the fall of 1961, the Chapter started meeting in its new home in the Masonic Temple at 209 East Ramshorn.
      Lupine Chapter hosted a "Fun in the Snow" Day in February of 1992 for the Grand Chapter.
      Sister Marilynn Mullikin was Worthy Grand Matron, and Brother Les Fluckiger was Worthy Grand Patron. This started a tradition of Winter Fun Days for the Grand Chapter.
      Sister Ann Luedtke was the first member to be appointed as a Grand Officer. She was appointed to serve as Grand Warder in 1965.
      Brother Orion "Bucky" Finley was elected as Grand Sentinel in 1980, and served as Worthy Grand Patron with Sister Beverley Williams of Jackson Hole Chapter No. 50 in 1983.
      Brother Don Heiser is a dual member with Lupine Chapter No. 52 and Snowy Range Chapter No. 45, and served as Worthy Grand Patron in 1997.
      Sister Lillie Lichtenwalner served as Chapter Secretary for 14 years, retiring in 2001.Although Lupine Chapter No. 52 is a small chapter and the last chapter constituted, it has had a very colorful and busy existence. This is not the end, only the beginning.