Grand Chapter
of Wyoming
Footprints Through Time

Friendship #51, Sheridan
May 14, 1949 - December 31, 2011

Don R Johnson
Nancy Rexroat
      On May 14, 1949, a group of visiting dignitaries and officers of Naomi Chapter No. 2 were entertained at a dinner at the Sheridan Inn. The dinner preceded the instituting of Friendship Chapter and the installation of its officers in the Masonic Hall, located on Main St., on the 2nd floor.
      Rodeo street dances took place just below the Masonic Hall. Our first Conductress remembers well the several nights the tune of "I'm My Own Grandpa" came through loud and clear as she reverently opened the Bible. In addition to initiations, we took up cooking. We huffed and puffed carrying groceries to the third floor of the Masonic Building to cook and serve dinners for the Consistory Reunions. The master stroke was serving a dinner to 400 Job's Daughters at their Grand Bethel in Sheridan, in June 1950.Naomi Chapter No. 2, with Sister Grace Babcock as Worthy Matron and Brother Harry Wimer, Worthy Patron, conducted initiation for three members so as to make our membership the required 24 members.
      Our membership consisted of seven demitting from Naomi Chapter and the remaining demitting from other chapters in and out of the state. Many special gifts were presented, some of which have been replaced by new ones, others we still use in our chapter.
      The large white Bible, as a gift from Worthy Grand Matron Sister Ruth Gowdy and Worthy Grand Patron Brother Alex McDougall, has been placed on every Altar of every Eastern Star Chapter in our state when Sister Joan Lamet and Brother Earl Christenson were in the Grand East in 1963.Our charter was presented at the 52nd session of the Grand Chapter.
      The Altar cloth was hand-made by Sister Cover, and used the first time at the official visit, April 15, 1950. The rug was purchased at a cost of $375.00 in October 1950. The signet cost $150.00 and was used the first time in March 1951.May 16, 1951, the Altar was unveiled by the Star points, dedicated by the Worthy Matron, Associate Matron, Associate Patron, Conductress, Associate Conductress, and Chaplain in a beautiful ceremony with the choir taking part. The Star points having the pleasure of using the beautiful pedestals were requested by the Worthy Matron to dedicate them, which they did in verse, each with lovely thoughts from the lessons taught by their heroines. Brother Herman Bondi built the Altar and pedestals.
      In 1960 we were ten years old, our membership was 224, and the Past Matron's club was organized. The first pancake supper was held to raise money for benevolent projects. The chapter turned to sewing for money, making for several years and creating a most unusual and beautiful quilt which was presented to Sister Joan Lamet at her installation as Worthy Grand Matron.
      We moved into the present Masonic Temple in 1967. Our rent from the start was$174.00 and is now $1,209.60. Our dues were $2.00 and are now $12.00 a year.
      In 1964 the Past Matron's held the first Sweetheart Breakfast in February.1965 and 1966 is remembered for the "Folly on the Trolly, a hidden talent skit put on by the Past Matrons.
      Sister Florence Estes served the chapter for 25 years as organist. She never wanted to be a Worthy Matron because she couldn't play the ritual on the piano or organ.
      The Silver Anniversary was celebrated May 13, 1974. The charter members still around the area filled the stations they held in the beginning. Past Matrons and Past Patrons served in stations that could not be filled by --charter members. The two Conductresses wore the dresses they had worn when they served as Worthy Matrons.