Grand Chapter
of Wyoming
Footprints Through Time

Jackson Hole #50, Jackson
May 9, 1949

Beverley Williams
Marilynn Mullikin
Jackson Hole #50 Rocks
Wyoming Grand Chapter
Photo from Diane Mickelson
      Our Jackson Hole Chapter No. 50's Eastern Star heritage began when Jackson was a small community. As with the beginning of most chapters there were women and men who had seen the Star in the East. When these Sisters and Brothers met each other and began to find out they were Eastern Star members, the bond of friendship grew, and great hopes of forming a chapter of our own began.
      Irene Wogensen met Gladys Smithin a jewelry store and both discovered they were members of Star. They attended St. John's Episcopal Church where the minister, Reverend Vincent, Mrs. Vincent and their daughter were Star members.
      The winter of 1949 was a busy one. We were loaned By-laws to use as a pattern by our Mother Chapter, Pinedale Chapter No. 39. They helped us whenever we needed advise. Sister lone Miller of Pinedale presented us with a Code of Wyoming By-laws. She was our teacher, guide and authority. Sister Frances Clark of Pinedale came to Jackson over and over again. Her advice and guidance were invaluable. She encouraged us every step of the way. Sister Mae Mickelson from Big Piney gave us instructions in balloting, its techniques, its seriousness and meaning. These three Sisters were later presented with honorary memberships in our chapter.
      Finally, on May 9, 1949, Jackson Hole Chapter No. 50 was instituted with 23 members. Pinedale Chapter exemplified the work for us before Worthy Grand Matron Ruth Gowdy and Worthy Grand Patron Alexander McDougal. Our chapter officers were installed and our own star began to brightly shine.
      We met in a small room above the rectory of St. John's Church. Pinedale loaned us emblems and soon, through loving hands and donations, we acquired our own. Five pedestals, the easels, a chest for our equipment and a frame for our charter were donated by Lew Smith. Our ballot box was given by D. N. Bell and Mrs. Lillian Winters. Kemmerer Chapter No. 28 gave the sword, Pinedale Chapter No. 39 our first sheaf, Brother Lloyd Holben made our crown and scepter, Sister Gladys Smith made our broken column, Sister lone and Viego Miller gave us a lovely old Bible and our Electa's cup. Sisters Irene Brown and Jessie Lundy bought the veil for Adah's station, our baton was presented by Sister Verna Warren and other O.E.S. members who were living at the Jackson Lake Lodge. Mt. Lily Chapter of Rock Springs gave us our first rug. Each officer paid for his badge and presented it to the chapter. Special thanks were given to Mr. Weida of Idaho Falls for engraving names of our first officers on our badges.
      Then finally on August 23, 1949, at Grand Chapter in Laramie, Brother Alexander McDougal, Worthy Grand Patron, called our delegates to the East to receive our charter.
      On September 17, 1949, the Ceremony of Constitution was held. This was a very impressive and beautiful ceremony. More than two hundred people, officers and members from chapters all over Wyoming and other states attended. Worthy Grand Matron Pearl Alcott and Worthy Grand Patron Harry Hawkins were in the East. Our officers were installed and with some trembling, but great happiness we put on the work for that distinguished group.
      Shortly after our constitution, we received from Signal Cliff Chapter No. 49 at Ten Sleep, a baby's layette with all the fixings, in honor of our being the "baby chapter" in Wyoming. We enjoyed the fun but could not keep the honor very long. We had to send the layette on to Friendship Chapter No. 51 in Sheridan.
      The first 18 months we initiated three candidates each meeting and in 3 years we grew from 23 to 61 members. Because our chapter had grown so rapidly we were in need of larger quarters for our meetings, so on January 1. 1951, the Masons and members of Eastern Star moved to the Community Center Building. We amended our By-laws so our initiation fee was $15.00 and our dues were $5.00. Sister Gladys Smith began our Christmas box for the Lander State Training School.
      In 1952 we gave our first life membership to Brother C.H. Brown. In 1953 we sponsored the Order of Job's Daughters and voted to pay their rent for a year.
      On March 8, 1954, we made our first donation to the scholarship fund called ESTARL.
      We have had two distinguished Sisters serve the Grand Chapter as Worthy Grand Matrons. Sister Beverley Williams served in 1983 and Sister Marilynn Mullikin in 1992.Our chapter will soon celebrate our 50th Anniversary, and to paraphrase our first Worthy Matron, Sister Alice Holben "our Star is still brightly shining."