Grand Chapter
of Wyoming
Footprints Through Time

Adah #48, Meeteetse
February 19, 1947 - October 1, 1969

      Ruth Chapter U.D. existed in Meeteetse in 1903 and was granted a Charter in 1906by the Grand Chapter, thus becoming Ruth Chapter No. 15. It dissolved in 1911 for lack of members to carry on the work. Part of the equipment was returned to Grand Chapter, but the charter was missing, thus leaving Ruth Chapter No. 15 still in existence, but dormant.
      In February, 1947, a meeting was called at the home of Lena and Walter Peterman, with 20 petitioners present, for the purpose of organizing and Eastern Star Chapter.
      By-laws were discussed and a decision made to adopt the By-laws of Cedar Chapter No. 14, with the approval of Grand Chapter. Election and appointment of officers was completed.
      There was discussion on securing a piano by borrowing money and repaying it. A committee was appointed. The Masons gave permission for the new organization to use the Masonic Lodge room as a meeting place. Meetings were to be the first and third Tuesdays of each month at 8:00 p.m. Yearly dues were $3.00.
      A meeting was called on February 19, 1947 for the purpose of instituting Ruth Chapter U.D. by Worthy Grand Patron W.O. Edmonson. Worthy Grand Matron Francine Huntington and other Grand Officers also attended. Petitioners received the obligation of the Order. Officers elected and appointed were acclaimed and installed. Cedar Chapter No. 14 exemplified the floor work and initiated two of our charter members. Ten of the charter members had demits from Cedar Chapter No. 14.
      The Grand Chapter presented the crown and scepter, cup, signet and gavel used by Ruth Chapter No. 15.
      Since "Ruth" was the name of a dormant Chapter a new name was selected. On June 19, 1947, at a regular meeting of Ruth Chapter U.D. a discussion was held and the following names balloted on; Meeteetse, Sage, Adah, and Martha. The first choice being Adah and the second Meeteetse. Our new chapter would be Adah No. 48.
      With wonderful cooperation and diligent work the new chapter was on its way up. By giving personal donations and the proceeds from money raising projects the piano was paid for as were many other necessary items and the chapter funds totaled $122.43 on December 30, 1947.A special meeting was called on October 15, 1947, for the purpose of Constituting Adah Chapter No. 48. Worthy Grand Matron Florence Godfrey assisted by Past Grand Patron W.O. Edmonson, conducted the meeting. Officers were elected and regularly installed. We received the "baby chapter" gift from Hanna Chapter No. 47. This gift was immediately sent on to Ten Sleep where Signal Cliff Chapter No. 49 was to be constituted the following evening.
      Each year of its existence, Adah Chapter was represented at Grand Chapter, by Grand Officers, Grand Representatives, Committee members, or Grand Choir members.
      Many things were done during the life of Adah Chapter. They did much to improve the dining room and kitchen of the Masonic Hall. They supported each project of the Worthy Grand Matron and the Worthy Matron.
      Adah Chapter tried diligently to follow the Ritual and the various schools of instruction, but when work was done, they were renown throughout the Big Horn Basin for their entertainments, and pot luck dinners.
      Adah Chapter No. 48 lost its charter because of lack of attendance in November of 1969. Brother Frank Shultz had been elected Grand Sentinel from Adah Chapter No. 48 in 1968. He demitted to Vesper Chapter No. 19 and served the Grand Chapter as Worthy Grand Patron in 1971.