Grand Chapter
of Wyoming
Footprints Through Time

Rainbow #44, Casper
May 14, 1938-November 21, 2008

Virginia Brewer
     Rainbow Chapter was instituted May 14, 1938. The charter was granted August 25, 1938, at Rawiins, Wyoming. The chapter was constituted September 7, 1938. (Same day the the present Worthy Patron Roy Glover was born.)
     Sister Helen Corbin, who served as the first Martha, suggested the name of Rainbow, as it is the symbol of God's answered promises. The officers wore dresses the colors of the rainbow.
     Clara A. Morris was elected to serve as Worthy Matron and Verne Mokler, Worthy Patron.
     On September 7, 1938, Constituting Night, all officers but one, Ethel Spease, were installed into office by the installing officers Worthy Matron Alice Cook; Associate Grand Matron Mollie Ellis; Grand Marshal Mabel Johnson; Grand Secretary Harriet J. Eckerson; Right Worthy Associate Grand Patron Charles H. Townsend from Fort Casper No. 4.  Rainbow Chapter was awarded the attendance flag at Grand Chapter in 1939 for having the most attendance at regular meetings during the year.In 1942 Grand Chapter was held in Casper with Rainbow and Fort Casper No. 4 as hosts. The Worthy Grand Matron's project was to purchase an ambulance. All members of the Wyoming Grand Chapter were asked to donate 50 cents per member for this project. The response was so over whelming that two ambulances were purchased and presented to the air bases, during this session.
     Installations of officers were jointly conducted with Fort Casper for several years following our constitution and again when Sheila Cooper was Worthy Matron of Rainbow and Kay Mokler Worthy Matron of Fort Casper.
     There were over 200 in attendance at Rainbow's Official Visit in May 7 of 1939. One of the early official visits ended at 2:00 a.m.
     Eight members of Rainbow presented the Baby Bottle to Snowy Range No. 45, Laramie, when they were constituted in 1940.In 1954, when Sister Virginia Brewer, Past Grand Matron, was serving as Worthy Matron, Sister Irene Kerr of Cheyenne, Worthy Grand Matron, read a poem entitled "A Druggist's Life." It was very fitting as Sister Irene and Virginia hold the third and fourth oldest practicing women's pharmacists' certificates in the State of Wyoming. Sister Florence Mains, who served as Esther, was also a registered pharmacist and the candidate that night, Sister Jean Wright, is the wife of a pharmacist.
     Sister Margaret Skidmore researched the records of Rainbow Chapter from 1938 to 1960. She typed the history and recommended that each Worthy Matron do a one page report at the close of each year.
     Sister Marie Emmel served as Secretary of Rainbow for 19 years, then taught the proficiency. The night Sister Marie received her 50 year pin, it was 21 degrees below zero and she was well into her 90's. We called to see if she preferred to do this some other night, but she said if someone would come get her she wanted to come.
     During the official visit in 1978, Sister Sheila Cooper, Worthy Matron and Dick Cooper, Worthy Patron honored Sister Essie Martin for her service to Rainbow Chapter. At this point she had a key roll in the work of 24 Worthy Matrons and participated in 19 installations, but never held an office. Sister Essie continued to grace all special occasions with her beautiful voice until she died 15 years later.
     It was also mentioned that gavels of chapters visited by Brother Dick Cooper tended to disappear. Upon visiting Rainbow Chapter, the gavels would be returned. What a way to encourage travel. Star chapters were not the only victims. Several Honored Queens found themselves at a Star function to retrieve their gavels.
     In 1984 Sister Denise St. John served as Worthy Matron when her father Brother Walt Bond, Worthy Patron, initiated his father-in-law Howard Robinson and son Howard Bond. The following year, Howard assumed the office of Associate Patron.
     In 1985 Sister Lucille Walrath, Grand Representative of North Carolina in Minnesota had reason to be thankful that she had kept the card of Brother Walt Bond who was serving as Grand Representative of Minnesota in Wyoming. The following is a copy of the letter to the editor that appeared in the January 1986 Starlites (The newspaper for Minnesota Grand Chapter.)
     WYOMING STARS ARE TRUE STARS You can depend on it. Eastern Star Sisters and Brothers are there when you need them. This is what happened.
     After a heart-stopping call from Casper, Wyoming, we packed up and drove to the bedside of our daughter who was thrown from a rearing horse which then fell over backwards on top of her. A crushed liver and other injuries put her in surgery for four hours, during which time she suffered cardiac arrest. In the next few days she was given 34 units of blood. She almost left us but a good strong young body, the will to live and the prayers of many pulled her through.
     When we began to think about replacing the blood which had been available for her from Casper and flown in from Denver, we found she had lots of friends and relatives who were willing to give their blood. Twenty-two of the thirty-four units of blood had been promised when I called Minnesota's Grand Representative in Wyoming. Brother Walt Bond was out of town but his wife Nancy was a kind and gracious Sister. She offered to give her blood and to round up all the donors she could from her place of work. Nancy also contacted Maryellen Glover who is Worthy Matron of Rainbow Chapter in Casper. Sister Maryellen gave us the gift of her Sunday afternoon to visit with us and our daughter at the hospital. She brought a plant and promise of more blood.
     These loving members of Eastern Star are not only fraternal Sisters, in this case "Blood" Sisters. You can depend on this! Our next visit to Casper will coincide with the 3rd Wednesday of the month when we will meet the members of Rainbow Chapter to thank them in person for their wonderful gift of life.
     Lucille Walrath, Grand Representative, isn't this what we are all about? We were as blest as the Walrath family. This is a good point to bring this narrative to an end for now with one addition.
     When Sister Michell St. John was initiated into our chapter in 1994, that put four generations of the Bond/Robinson family as members. In 1995, when Mandy St. John was initiated, 6 of the 18 officers were Bonds, including mother, sister, aunt, uncle, grandmother and grandfather.
     May the next 100 years show all are members with multi-generations active.
     May we always be aware of the good we can do for a Sister or Brother in need and remember when in need ourselves, find a Star Member!2002 -Rainbow Chapter reports that in 2001-2002, 5 members of the Bond family held 5 of the top 6 offices, all elected to that position and covered three generations. A sixth and seventh member held star points, and two other members were in attendance on several occasions.