Grand Chapter
of Wyoming
Footprints Through Time

Pine Cone #41, Hulett
October 1, 1930

      Probably Mrs. Jennie Storm and Mrs. Laura Porter were the most influential in the organization of Pine Cone Chapter No. 41. It was Mrs. Porter who suggested the name that was adopted for the chapter. In her words, "they thought there should be something higher than dancing and card clubs for the young matrons of the vicinity". They met with the Masons of Hulett and the project was promised their support.
      Mrs. Storm was already a member of Electa Chapter No. 5 at Sundance. Four other people, Edward Fowlkes, Laura Porter, Carle S. Porter and Florence Fowlkes asked admission. They received membership and were advised on the forming of a chapter by Brother Roger Thomas, Sister and Brother Davis, the two Brothers Cameron and Sister Cameron.
      Trips to and from Sundance for these first members were something never forgotten as they were often made in storms and cold weather over muddy and rutted roads.
      During the administrations of Charles L Van Devender, Past Grand Patron, and Charles N. Bell, Past Grand Patron, Hulett communicated with the Grand Chapter asking for an Eastern Star Chapter. Brother Bell passed to Brother David A. Muir, Worthy Grand Patron, considerable correspondence upon the subject and advised that his investigation warranted such an organization.
      Some of the Grand Chapter officers tried to discourage the members saying that the chapter was so small and the community so isolated, there would be no chance for growth or even survival. However, after further investigations, Brother and Sister Muir encouraged the group and said so long as Grand Chapter dues were paid, sufficient membership maintained and enough meetings were held, the chapter was entitled to a charter and a chance to grow.
      On October 11, 1930, Brother David A. Muir, Worthy Grand Patron, assisted by Sister Mary F. Elliott, Worthy Grand Matron; Sister Estelle F. Keays, Acting Grand Marshal; Sister Effie D. Lowndes, Acting Grand Chaplain and Sister Harriet J. Eckerson, Grand Secretary instituted Pine Cone Chapter.Sister Jennie Storm was installed Pine Cone's first Worthy Matron and Brother Carle S. Porter the first Worthy Patron.
      The chapter was constituted twice, the first time in August 1931 at Grand Chapter at Laramie, Wyoming, along with Big Piney Chapter No. 42. Dueto some irregularity, the ceremony was declared unconstitutional and on October 9, 1931, the Grand Officers came to Hulett and the chapter was re-constituted by Sister Lora McCarthy, Grand Adah, appointed Deputy Grand Matron; Sister Marguirite Jacoby, Marshal; Sister Willa Bishop, Chaplain; and Brother William Dolezal, Secretary.
      Initially, the members rented the hall over a store for $50.00 a year. Soon, the Masons leased it and in turn sublet it to the Stars. Their last meeting in this hall was May 8, 1951, as the building was consumed by fire May 27, 1951.On June 1, 1951, the members met in the Legion's auxiliary rooms to study catalogs for equipment and prices on new paraphernalia but no definite action was yet taken toward finding a new meeting place.
      Upon request, Sister Mae E. Mickelson, Worthy Grand Matron, issued a dispensation permitting temporary meetings in the Legion Hall. They used various rooms in the Legion Hall from June 5, 1951, until August 1, 1952, where they met for the first time in the new Masonic Temple.
      On June 6, 1952, the chapter presented $500.00 to the Masonic Building Fund. The Masons in return allowed the Stars to meet at the Temple rent free.
      Sister Murphy and Brother Oudin were the first Worthy Matron and Worthy Patron to preside at their new home.
      Since 1957 the members of Pine Cone Chapter have long had a reputation for serving good and plentiful food to members and visitors, and always had carry-in dinners at no charge when official visit time rolled around. Also, the members of the chapter have operated a concession stand at the
annual Hulett Rodeo in June. The profits from this project have generally been used to help Tower Lodge No. 44 with its ongoing building expenses, and has enabled the chapter to do its part in Eastern Star charity activities. Because there is no Job's Daughters Bethel in Hulett, the chapter has opted to support the Girls State program each year, as well as contributing to other youth activities when needed.
      A chapter always has some special person, or people, that deserve recognition for their contributions to the organization. Sister Mable Fowler, age 81, lost her eyesight in 1990, but has never lost interest in the Order of the Eastern Star. She seldom misses a meeting, and has served as Warder for several years.
      Cooperation between neighboring chapters has increased greatly during recent years. When Pine Cone Chapter finds it is short of an officer or two for a certain meeting, usually a member from another chapter comes to the rescue.
      Pine Cone Chapter has reached its 65 year milestone, and is still "hanging in there"; and after all these years, still has one living charter member. Even with the decline in membership we have over 80 members, and are hoping for a revival in interest, and a chance to grow in membership.