Grand Chapter
of Wyoming
Footprints Through Time

Lakota #38,Midwest
October 10, 1925 - May 2, 1969

Mamie Brown
     Due to the development of the oil field at Salt Creek (now Midwest), Wyoming, and the increase in population, Mrs. Myrtle Scott, for many years a resident of this locality, and a member of Fort Casper Chapter No. 4, Casper, conceived the idea that an Eastern Star Club would be of benefit to the members of the Order in the field. In the spring of 1924, Mrs. Leona B. Jones of Fort Casper Chapter No.4, and Mrs. Leota Atkinson of Ruth Chapter No. 2 Butte, Montana, stimulated interest among members in the field and called a meeting to discuss the organization of a club.
     Up to this time, through the efforts of Sister Jones, flowers had been sent to members of the Order in times of illness and distress.
     After several preliminary meetings, a request was sent to Fort Casper Chapter No. 4 asking for permission to organize some form of an Eastern Star Club at Midwest. To advise us, Fort Casper Chapter sent a representative, Mrs. Viola Mechling, Past Grand Matron of the Grand Chapter, to meet with us. Later a committee from Fort Casper Chapter consisting of fourteen members, met with a group of members of the order numbering twenty-four at Midwest. At this time the Eastern Star Tea Club of Midwest was organized, permission having been granted by the Grand Matron of the Grand Chapter, to Fort Casper Chapter to assist us in this organization and sponsor our work. Sister Myrtle Scott was the president of the club.
     The first meetings of the Tea Club were held at the Masonic Club room, and later, during the summer months, at the homes of the members. These were usually social meetings.
     On May 22, 1924, our members were honored with a visit by the Grand Matron Sister Bertha M. Rousseau. She was accompanied by twenty-seven members from Fort Casper Chapter No. 4. The Tea Club served a luncheon for our visitors.
     During the remainder of 1924 the Club sent flowers to members of the Order in Midwest who were ill, and for one funeral. The revenue of the Club during this period was mainly from dues. At the close of the year $36.10 remained in the treasury.
     On March 7, 1925, Castle Rock Lodge was instituted at Midwest, and it then became the endeavor of the Tea Club to prepare for the institution of an Eastern Star Chapter.
     During the summer of 1925 many money-making projects were undertaken to build up the Club's finances, and at the first meeting of Fort Casper Chapter No. 4 in September 1925, by vote of the chapter, permission was granted to establish a chapter in Midwest. By this time our funds totaled $553.74.
     The name of our chapter was voted on and "Lakota" was chosen because it is representative of our locality. The Salt Creek Oil Field gets its oil from the Lakota sands, and is claimed to be the only field producing commercial quantities from this sand.
     On October 10, 1925, at the Masonic Hall, Midwest, Wyoming, Lakota Chapter U.D. was instituted by Brother John Green, Grand Patron of the Grand Chapter. He was assisted by Sister Myrtle Sawyer, Grand Matron. Our first Worthy Matron was Sister Matie E. Edwards and our first Worthy Patron was Brother Clinton G. Flesher. We had twenty-seven charter members.
     During our first eight months, we initiated new members at every meeting, but three. We averaged about twelve visiting members per meeting.
     On September 11, 1926, at a special meeting, Lakota Chapter No. 38 was given their charter and duly constituted.
     Sister Mamie Brown served as Worthy Grand Matron of the Grand Chapter in 1960 with Brother Newton White, Worthy Grand Patron. They presided at the "Brown and White" session in Sheridan.
     Our members continued to provide charity and hospitality to those who lived in our vicinity. We were an active chapter and gained much from our membership in the Order of Eastern Star.
     It was in 1969 when the members of Lakota Chapter No. 38 voted to surrender their charter. They generously voted to present their United States Flag to the Grand Chapter, as they did not have one. It will always be a reminder of the dear Sister and Brothers from Lakota Chapter No. 38.