Grand Chapter
of Wyoming
Footprints Through Time

Mizpah #36, Cheyenne
January 30, 1922 - December 31, 2017

Bert E
Bruce Hopkins
John Boucher
Georgia Barclay
Vern Gersmehl, Jr
Nadine Raffelson
Don Collamore
Bryan Sandlian
     On January 30, 1922, a meeting was called for the purpose of organizing a chapter of the Order of the Eastern Star within the jurisdiction of Cheyenne.
     Under instructions of Brother William M. Dickinson, Worthy Grand Patron of the Grand Chapter of Wyoming, and Sister Olga Jenkins, President of the Past Matrons Association of Oak Leaf Chapter No. 6, called a meeting to order in the Memorial Hall of the Masonic Temple. Thirty-four non-affiliated members and eligible Master Masons were present Officers were selected and the name "Plains" was chosen. Institution of the chapter was performed by Brother Sumner Miller, Past Grand Patron, from Pine Bluffs Chapter No. 29, who also conferred the degrees on twenty-two members.
     On February 24, 1922, by vote, the name was changed from Plains to Mizpah. Chapter By-laws were adopted on May 10, 1922, with meetings to be held the last Wednesday of each month, twelve months of the year.
     During the Monday evening session of the Grand Chapter Session held in Rawlins on September 11 and 12, 1922, Sister Elizabeth Beard, acting Worthy Matron, was invited to the East by the Worthy Grand Patron and received the charter and the number "36" as the chapter was to be known.
     The Twenty-Sixth Annual Session of the Grand Chapter met in Cheyenne in August 1923. Mizpah No. 36 and Oak Leaf No. 6 co-hosted the event. Mizpah's share was $32.85 with the rest of the expenses being provided by Oak Leaf Chapter and Queen Esther Circle.
     The chapter presented the first Past Matron's jewel in 1925. The first Past Matron's jewel was presented in 1926.In 1927 a card party was given to raise money for the General Fund. Mizpah's illuminated pedestals were received. The pedestals were designed and made by Frederic H. Porter, a charter member of Mizpah.
     In 1930 Mizpah had its first Associate Patron. It was decided that there were to be no meetings in July and August and the meetings were to begin at 8:00 p.m.
     In 1937 the "Evening Star Club" was formed as a fraternal benefit organization for Eastern Star members of Mizpah and Oak Leaf Chapters.
     In 1942 the exchange of Refreshment Committees between Oak Leaf and Mizpah for the installation ceremonies began and, during this year, members affiliating with Mizpah were presented Defense Stamps in lieu of the customary corsage.
     During the war years, Mizpah members worked diligently for the Red Cross and other war agencies through white elephant sales, serving dinners, card parties, etc. in support of the war effort.
     A newspaper called "Mizpah Messenger" was published every two months in 1946 and sent to all members.
     In 1949, when Mizpah's own Sister Ruth Gowdy, was Worthy Grand Matron, her project was to help the Intermountain Unit of the Shriners Crippled Children Hospital in Salt Lake City. At her official visit to Mizpah, the chapter presented a her for $1,567.39.
     In 1956 dues were increased from $3.00 to $4.00.
     In 1958 and in again in 1962, the Initiation Ceremony was exemplified from the 1887 Ritual.
     In 1972 Mizpah Chapter celebrated its 50th Anniversary. Worthy Matron Alice Orton had a book printed to honor this milestone.In 1974-75, during Sister Georgia Barclay's term as Worthy Grand Matron, the Wyoming Chapters raised $7,200.00 for the Shrine Hospital in Salt Lake City. This was designated to buy orthopedic shoes for outpatient children. The check was presented at the North-South Shrine Bowl game to the director, Marie Holm. Clyde Cooper, Past Patron, was chairman for the project.
     In 1977 rent for the chapter room was raised to $3,462.00 per year. The suggestion was made that the possibility of a new meeting place be explored; however, this was found to be impractical and the suggestion was dropped.
In 1982 the rent was increased to $4,904.75 annually.
     In 1988 dues were raised from $12.00 to $18.00 per year.
     In 1991 Mizpah and Oak Leaf Chapters purchased a new Star rug. Each chapter held its own fund-raisers to pay50% of the cost of the rug. This was also the year that Mizpah began its Adopt-a-Family project instead of a Christmas gift exchange. It is now an annual project with several families being helped.
     In 1996 one hundred new chairs were purchased for the Star room. Mizpah Chapter purchased two chairs and the 1995-96 officers and emblem bearers purchased one. At the September meeting, Sister Shirley Collamore, Past Matron and Brother Don Collamore, Past Grand Patron, presented new Star Point chairs to the chapter.
     In June 1996 Mizpah Chapter donated $200.00 to Bums Chapter No. 47 building fund.
     On March 9, 1997, Mizpah celebrated its 75th Anniversary. Worthy Matron Tina Carroll compiled a book, "75 Years of Dreams". It contained many interesting facts as well as names of all officers. At the close of each meeting during the year, Sister Tina honored a Past Matron by inviting her to sit in the East and gave interesting information about that Matron's year.1997 was also the year when the Sister Chapters, Oak Leaf Chapter No. 6, Burns Chapter No. 47, and Mizpah Chapter No 36, held several joint functions as well as celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Oak Leaf and the 50th Anniversary of Burns.