Grand Chapter
of Wyoming
Footprints Through Time

Mariposa #35, Manville
October 7, 1920 - February 23, 1968

Margaret Lee
     The dispensation of our chapter was issued and filed in 1920 by Worthy Grand Patron Arthur A. Underwood, but the time was too short before his Grand Chapter Session to complete the work. Since Brother Underwood had the matter in hand, his successor in office, Worthy Grand Patron John Hartzell deputized him to institute a chapter at Manville.
     In this, Brother Underwood followed his usual maxim: "Say it with flowers" and flew with his aeroplane full of roses, to Manville.
     The following is quoted from "The Manville News", October 7, 1920: "Early Monday morning the whir of an approaching aeroplane was heard. The pilot located a landing place near the ball grounds, and from it emerged Deputy Grand Patron A.A. Underwood of the Grand Chapter of the Eastern Star, who came for the purpose of organizing a chapter of that Order.
     This is the first instance on record where a Grand Officer has traveled by airplane, for the purpose of organizing a chapter. He brought a huge bouquet of beautiful roses to be used to decorate the hall.
     The trip from Cheyenne was made in an hour and thirty-three minutes, and the pilot, Frank Yeager of the U.S. Mail Service, claims that Manville has the ground for one of the best landing fields he has ever seen.
     "There were eighteen charter members and the officers were: Sister Imo McCreery, Worthy Matron; Brother R. L McCreery, Worthy Patron; Sister Jennie Armbus, Associate Matron; and Sister Ruth Larson, Secretary.
     It was voted to name our chapter "Mariposa" and to meet the first and third Thursday of each month. At the Grand Chapter Session held at Lander, in September 1921, our charter was presented to our members by Worthy Grand Patron John Hartzell with words of "encouragement and praise."
     The chapter grew and met the obstacles that have faced all chapters. In the year 1934, Manville's Masonic Lodge, Roosevelt Lodge, disbanded and became a part of Harmony Lodge No. 24, located in Lusk. The Brothers presented Mariposa with a gavel that was of historic value. It was made from a piece taken from the White House roof. Brother Gentry had presented it to the lodge. The gavel was to be held in trust by the members of Mariposa and then given to Harmony Lodge No. 24.
     In 1936 fire partially destroyed the chapter building. The hall was eventually repaired. The members were happy to be able to move back into their chapter room. After one practice in the renewed chapter room, the officers and members welcomed Sister Helen Lenhart, Worthy Grand Matron, for her Official Visit.
     Through the years, Mariposa was recognized by the Wyoming Grand Chapter by having members appointed Grand Officers, Grand Representatives, and asked to take part in the proceedings of the Grand Sessions.
     During the 1963 Session of Wyoming Grand Chapter, Sister Margaret Lee was elected Associate Grand Conductress. The members of Mariposa felt very honored at receiving this recognition. The resident members flung themselves into a flurry of various money-making projects, while the non-resident members contributed money through non-bake sales and the desire to be a part of the preparations.
     At Grand Session in August 1965, Sister Margaret was installed as Worthy Grand Matron in Rawlins, Wyoming. Over forty members as well as family attended the session. The "Bluebird of Happiness" was born as well as the "A Dream Comes True" Session.
     Mariposa hosted the Homecoming meeting on May 21, 1966, at the school gymnasium located in Lance Creek. The theme was "Welcome Home, Maggie." It was a great, wonderful affair. Twenty-two Mariposa members and 279 visitors from all over the state attended.
     When Mariposa Chapter was organized the town of Manville was very prosperous with an oil boom. With the passing of time, many moved away. Mariposa Chapter was an important factor in the lives of many individuals for 48 years, and accomplished much of which to be proud. Worthy Grand
Patron, John Boucher stated "I am sorry to report that it was my sad duty, on February 23, 1968, to receive, at their request, the charter of Mariposa Chapter No. 35 at Manville, Wyoming. They will be remembered as a beautiful exemplification of our Order."
     In the words of Sister Margaret Lee, "And so, our history has been completed. We had trying times that have faced each Worthy Matron and Worthy Patron. Yet these same difficulties have drawn the members of Mariposa closer together in the bonds of friendship. May we thank our Charter members for the beginning of our chapter and to each officer and member that made our years together fruitful and successful."