Grand Chapter
of Wyoming
Footprints Through Time

Bethany #33, Frannie
March 13, 1920 - August 20, 1972

Gladys Roberson
     Bethany Chapter No. 33 in Frannie was instituted March 13, 1920, by Brother Arthur A. Underwood, Worthy Grand Patron of the Grand Chapter of Wyoming, from Cheyenne, Wyoming. The chapter included three communities of the area. They were Frannie, Deaver and Elk Basin. The place of meeting for our institution was the auditorium of the original school building. Twenty-eight members comprised the membership. April 15, 1920, the chapter's By-laws were adopted. The charter was granted September 1920.Meetings were held in the school house on the first and third Thursdays of each month and meetings continued throughout the year without vacation. Jewels were purchased for the officers during the first year. Sister Anna F. Cromwell was Bethany Chapter's first Worthy Matron. Brother William E. Mumby the first Worthy Patron.
     A summary of the growth of Bethany Chapter No. 33 done in May 1926, shows 44 members had been initiated into the Order since 1920. Demits had been granted to nine members, and nine others were suspended. We had lost two members to death, leaving a total membership in 1926 of 57 members.
     In October 1930 we started holding meetings once a month and vacationing for July and August. In 1937 we simplified and adopted a new set of By-laws.
     In April 1939 the chapter moved to the study hall building of the new High School in Frannie.
     The Past Matrons and Patrons presented the white Altar Bible in 1940 and the piano was purchased for $25.00 by the Eastern Star and Masons. During 1943, Bethany Chapter cooperated with other chapters in Wyoming and worked with the Grand Chapter to purchase an ambulance and donut machine for the Armed Services.
     We purchased a new signet in 1947. In 1948, through the efforts of Bethany Chapter, a Bethel of Job's Daughters was organized in Frannie. The Bethel was successful for a few years, then due to lack of membership was disorganized.
     One of the highlights in the history of Bethany Chapter was the year of 1956-57. Our Sister Gladys Roberson was elected and installed Worthy Grand Matron of the Grand Chapter of Wyoming. Sister Florence and Brother Gordon Johnson were Worthy Matron and Worthy Patron of Bethany Chapter that year, and the chapter had diligently worked for three years in preparation for the official visit and homecoming event. Our very first life membership was given by Bethany Chapter to Sister Gladys Roberson at this occasion. Sister Anna Cromwell, the first Worthy Matron of our chapter, had come from her home in Michigan to be present at this memorable event.
     We had a celebration of our 50th year as a chapter in 1970, but soon thereafter we surrendered our charter to the Grand Chapter because of lack of membership. Brother Gerald Cook, Worthy Grand Patron, accepted our charter and paraphernalia in the name of the Grand Chapter on August 20, 1972. Bethany Chapter No. 33 had been a positive factor for fifty-two years in the lives of many jn our small communities.