Grand Chapter
of Wyoming
Footprints Through Time

Alcyone #27, Powell
September 3, 1912

Monte Fesenbeck 
Don Northrup
Warren Smith
      On October 21, 1911, a group of women met at the Masonic Hall in Powell and with Deputy Grand Patron, Acting Grand Secretary and other Grand Officers of the Grand Chapter of Wyoming, instituted Alcyone Chapter, U.D.
     On November 11, 1911, Alcyone Chapter U.D. held its first meeting with eleven officers. Sister Mabel N. Duxbury was the first Worthy Matron and Brother Charles G. Mudd was the first Worthy Patron. Dues were set at $2.00 and new By-laws were adopted.
      On January 31, 1912, the members voted to meet the first Thursday nearest the full moon.
      On September 3, 1912, the charter was granted Alcyone Chapter No. 27.
     The chapter name was suggested by Worthy Patron Albert Morse from the brightest star of the Pleides group in the constellation Taurus.
      On March 31, 1915, seventeen officers and twenty-six members were present; the treasury held $19.73 and the rent was $50.00.
      On November 28, 1917, a committee was appointed to meet with the Masonic Committee regarding renting the Lyric Hall for meetings. The treasury held $59.62.
      On January 2, 1918, a committee was appointed to meet with Absaroka Lodge No. 30 to draw up a contract for renting Lyric Hall. During the influenza epidemic in 1918, the chapter meetings were not held. At the close of 1919, the treasury held $82.36 and the rent was $60.00.
      In 1920 a waiver of jurisdiction was granted to organize a chapter in Deaver, Wyoming. Dues were raised to $2.50 per annum.
      In 1929 the first husband and wife served in the East, Cora Price, Worthy Matron and John Price, Worthy Patron.
      In 1931 a committee was appointed to investigate the organization of Rainbow Girls or Job's Daughters. In October a dispensation was granted by the Grand Chapter to meet in the new Masonic Hall.
       On January 1, 1936, Sister Anna Smalley, Most Worthy Grand Matron of the General Assembly "visited our chapter, a privilege granted no other subordinate chapter in Wyoming".
      In 1945 the Worthy Matron used a flower ceremony for initiation, as was done in most chapters. The Worthy Grand Matron objected to the program saying it wasn't in keeping with the ritual. Subsequently, the ritual was eased so that ceremonies are used for many things.
      In 1947 dues were raised to $3.00 and the initiation fee to $15.00.
      In 1950 the chapter rent was increased to $150.00 per year.
      In 1954 the chapter instituted two new practices—that of presenting pins to 25-year members, and that of printing a Chapter Yearbook.
Brother Fred and Sister Carrie Arnold donated white robes to be used by the choir and for Eastern Star services.
      In 1956 the chapter had its first Brother and Sister team in the East. Lola Fulton was Worthy Matron and her brother Robert Johnson was Worthy Patron. It was during this year that, with the assistance of the Masons, the chapter purchased new draperies for the chapter room.
      In 1957, for the Homecoming of their own Sister Agnes Evans (Brower), Worthy Grand Matron, the clock was turned back to the year 1868 when the Order of the Eastern Star was founded.
      Lighted pedestals with star point emblems were dedicated in memory of Past Grand Matron Monte Fesenbeck, Brothers Fred Arnold, Melvin Evans and Sister Olive Lucier. A new Altar rug had also been purchased by the chapter, with the old one being donated to a needy chapter in Kentucky.In 1958 three more white robes were donated to the chapter.
      In 1959 the chapter entered a float in the parade celebrating the town's Golden Jubilee and won third prize. The assessment for the Special Fund was increased to $2.00 per member.
      In 1960 Worthy Matron Martha Jesse and Worthy Patron Martin Jesse presented the station of Electa with a new cup, an emblem of charity and hospitality.
      During the last decades, Alcyone has been honored to have three Worthy Grand Patrons of the Grand Chapter of Wyoming. It was with great pleasure and energy that we offered our support to each and look forward to providing other members to Wyoming's Grand Family.
Like so many chapters, we, too, have experienced a gradual decline in membership. However, in 1996 we are the seventh largest chapter in the state and enjoy a total of 180 members.