Grand Chapter
of Wyoming
Footprints Through Time

Niobrara #26, Lusk
May 19, 1911 - February 10, 1987

Mary V Snyder
Florence Godfrey
Willam "Scotty"

      Niobrara Chapter was organized May 19, 1911, in Lusk, Wyoming. They were named for the new county of Niobrara which had just been formed. Brother Harold Banner, Worthy Grand Patron, assisted by Sister Alice Forsythe, Past Grand Matron, and Sister Lillie E. Townsend, Past Grand Matron, instituted the chapter. Niobrara Chapter had twenty-three charter members.
      Sister Mary V. Snyder was the first Worthy Matron for the chapter and four years later was elected the Grand Matron of the Grand Chapter of Wyoming.
      When Niobrara Chapter came into being, women wore long dresses and high-buttoned shoes. Men wore soft linen collars on their shirts and stick pins in their ties. Members from the country and small neighboring towns came to meetings by horse and buggy or team and wagon and in the winter by team and sled.
      The Star members enjoyed many social activities with Harmony Lodge No. 24 during their early years with many dances and other entertainment.
     In September 1911, the cornerstone for the new Masonic Temple was laid and in March 1912 the Masons and Eastern Star members moved into their new home. The Eastern Star chapter was responsible for the carpeting and furnishings and they worked diligently to raise money to beautify the new building.
      Unfortunately, the Temple burned to the ground in 1919. There being little insurance, it was quite a blow to both the Masons and the Eastern Star members. With courage and determination, the members banded together and chapter life continued in spite of great handicaps.
      In 1920 nine members of Niobrara Chapter demitted to form Mariposa Chapter in Manville.
      For two years, the meetings were held in a small one-story building. From 1921-32, the Community Hall, a poorly constructed building, became home. Forty-two years after the disastrous fire, the new Masonic Hall was dedicated. Chapter members were once again busy raising money and making preparations to furnish their new hall.
      During their own Sister Florence Godfrey, Worthy Grand Matron's Official Visit to Niobrara Chapter on June 23, 1948, one hundred fifty members and ninety-seven visitors were present.
      Niobrara Chapter No. 26 consolidated with Woodbine Chapter No. 18 in Douglas on February 10, 1987.