Grand Chapter
of Wyoming
Footprints Through Time

Cloud Peak #24, Worland
November 19, 1910 - June 30, 1998

Norman Markuson
Newton White
Russell Sandercock
      On November 19, 1910, with the assistance of Deputy Grand Patron, Brother Fred Wyckoff of Thermopolis, Cloud Peak Chapter was instituted. There were 14 charter members. Sister Carrie Ley and Brother Frank Coulter were the first Worthy Matron and Worthy Patron.
      Motions were made on November 28, 1910 to have meetings on the 2nd and 4th Mondays of each month, dues were to be $2.00 and initiation fees $3.00. All motions seconded and carried.
       The first official visit was held on June 2, 1911, with Worthy Grand Matron Sister Irene Daley of Wyoming Chapter No. 7.A card party, held in March 1912, netted $2.50. A musical program was held April 8, 1912, and netted $6.25. In May charter fees of $15.50 were paid to Grand Chapter. A piano was purchased from B J. Keys for $25.00. The Finance Committee signed a contract for the piano and would pay whenever they could. It was paid in full on November 22, 1915.Two members were appointed every two months to serve on the entertainment committee when there was no initiation.
      Thermopolis members came, in November 1912, for the second anniversary. The Welcoming Committee met them at the train.
      Badges, with ribbons, were purchased in November 1914 for $22.50, after a 25% discount for cash.
      The first joint installation with Masons was held on December 21,1914. The gavel and ballot box were purchased in April 1915 for $4.00.
      On September 6, 1915, Cloud Peak Chapter members went to Casper to exemplify the ritualistic work for the Grand Chapter.
      The first Past Matron's pin was given in 1916. The price was $9.00 for a gold one.
      In the fall of 1918, no meetings were held for four months due to a flu epidemic.
      On September 13, 1920, a bill for $10.50 for an Eastern Star rug was approved. The membership as of June 1922 was 137 members.
       On December 9, 1929, Brother Ray Nichols was the first Associate Patron elected. His jewel cost $2.75 and the cord cost $1.04.
       In November 1933, Cloud Peak Chapter prepared and served a banquet for the DeMolay who were entertaining the surrounding towns. The $52.00 proceeds were used to help the Job's Daughters get started and the chapter would be the sponsoring organization.
      On November 27, 1933, the chapter ordered a new Gulbranson piano. An electric signet was bought for $150.00 on February 26, 1934.Cloud Peak Chapter moved to the new Masonic Hall on November 1, 1936. Rent was to be $15.00 per month. This was on the second floor on Big Horn Avenue between 8th and 9th Streets.
       The dues were raised to $3.00 per year in October 1937. In 1942 a $100.00 Defense Bond was purchased. After meetings the members, sewed blouses and hospital gowns for the Red Cross. $10.00 was donated to the Red Cross to give kits to soldiers when they embarked. A box supper party held jointly with the Masons netted $68.35 which was sent to the Grand Chapter to use toward the purchase of an ambulance for service in the Army.
       The initiation fee was raised to $10.00 on February 10,1947.
      The first member of Cloud Peak Chapter to serve as Worthy Grand Matron was Sister Pearl Alcott who served the Grand Chapter in 1950.The five star point chairs were purchased on April 12, 1954, for $176.75.In June 1955, the By-laws were changed to elect the Sentinel.
      Brother Norman Markuson was Worthy Grand Patron in 1956 at the Fifty-ninth Annual Session of the Grand Chapter held in Torrington.
      The first Eastern Star meeting held in the new Masonic Temple at 204 N. 15th was on November 24,1958.
The 50th Anniversary of Cloud Peak Chapter was held in November 1960. In May 1960, dues were raised to $5.00 effective in 1961.Our Brother Newton White served the Grand Chapter as Worthy Grand Patron in 1960 when he and Sister Mamie Brown presided at the"Brown and White" session in Sheridan.
      New pedestals and Altar were purchased on March 14,1966.Brother Russell Sandercock was Worthy Grand Patron in 1978. He served with Sister Kathryn Gay Logan as Worthy Grand Matron at the Eighty-first Grand Session in Lander.
      The dues were raised to $7.50 starting in 1978 and again in November 1984 to $12.50. The rent in 1984 was $800.00.
      Cloud Peak Chapter No. 24 surrendered their Charter on June 30,1998.