Grand Chapter
of Wyoming
Footprints Through Time

Naomi #2, Sheridan
March 3, 1894 - November 5, 2005

Jacob F Hoop
Capitola Wunderlich
Frank E Wunderlich
Grace W Godwin
Cora S Adams
Harriet J Eckerson
Howard Hart
Harvey Johnston
     In early 1894, Mrs. Capitola Wunderlich contacted Judge J. F. Hoop to see if there were any Masonic Organizations for women that could be started in Sheridan. He suggested the Order of the Eastern Star. The General Grand Chapter was petitioned for membership. There were twenty-six signers of the petition, twelve of them women and fourteen men. They were subsequently issued a charter dated March 3, 1894.
     Judge Hoop was duly appointed Deputy Grand Patron to institute the new chapter. On April 3, 1894, a meeting was called at which time heinitiated all the charter members and then conducted installation of officers.
     Sister Capitola Wunderlich was installed as Worthy Matron and Brother J. P. Robinson as Worthy Patron..
     At their second meeting, dues were set at $2.50 and the initiation fee at $5.00. A bill submitted at this meeting indicated $9.00 for twelve Rituals, $16.75 for Secretary's books, $15.00 for a star. A $35.00 payment was made leaving a balance due of $5.75. It was reported that "we would have purchased Jewels but was short of money".
     The chapter decided to have a ball to have fun and to raise money. On July 4 they accomplished both and the Ball Committee turned in proceeds of $35.00 Records indicated that men often often filled the stations of various offices and at one initiation Judge Hoop pro-temed for Martha and Electa. Brother John S. Taylor was once elected to fill out the term as Associate Conductress.
     From the beginning, meetings were held in the Masonic Temple. There was no water in the building and coffee was made on an oil stove.In 1896 "peace and harmony prevailing" became somewhat shaky.
     On November 25, 1895, the first dark ballot appeared and "the wife of a Mason was black-balled". Not long afterward four members were suspended for nonpayment of dues.
      In May 1897, Sister W.E. Partridge, Most Worthy Grand Matron, visited Naomi Chapter.
      In September 1898, Naomi Chapter joined in convention, called by the Most Worthy Grand Patron Brother H. H. Hinds, to organize and establish the Grand Chapter of Wyoming. There were eight chartered chapters at the time.
     Naomi's first bill for dues to the Grand Chapter was for $7.44.In 1898, Naomi's first Grand Officer, Sister Wunderlich, was installed as Grand Electa.
     In the early years, many functions were held to raise money for extra needs and entertainment. However, later there were many yearswhen it was the policy that no money making projects could be put on by the chapter.
     In 1916 Naomi hosted their first Grand Chapter Session. Over the years they have hosted the Wyoming Grand Chapter eleven times. Their shortest period between sessions was three years when they hosted the Grand Sessions in 1992 and again in 1995.
     For many years the Electa Club, organized in 1921, carried out the money-making projects and furnished the money for all entertainment and extra contributions and activities.
     On September 9, 1998, Naomi Chapter voted in favor of Goldenrod Chapter #13 of Buffalo to consolidate with them.
     On January 9, 1999, W.G.M. Rebecca Dolling and W.G.P. Gene Salzman presided over the consolidation ceremony. Golden Rod Chapter's Charter was presented by W.M. Sharon Jennings to Naomi Chapter's W.M. Robin Humphrey. The WGM noted that the Charterwas no longer in force, but is consolidated with Naomi. The Charter hangs beside that of Naomi in the Masonic Temple in Sheridan. Naomi's Charter was endorsed with the merger noted, and becomes the official instrument of the newly consolidated Chapter. Names and signatures ofthe 1998-1999 officers of both Chapters is attached.
     The W.G.M. admonished the members present that "by giving service with sincerity, charity, truth and loving kindness, the future will be most rewarding. Happiness grows out of harmonious relationships with others based on attitudes of good will, tolerance, understanding and love. A clean new page has been added to Naomi's history book. Please fill it wisely. Together you should dream new dreams, achieve new goals, build new memories, work for the good of each other and our beautiful Order."