Grand Chapter
of Wyoming
Footprints Through Time

Woodbine #18, Douglas
May 16, 1906

Joseph M Lowndes
Mary P Knittle
John Stansbury
Daisy Anderson
Chris H Hoffman
      On January 5, 1906, thirty-eight ladies and thirty-nine men met and signed a petition for dispensation to organize a chapter of the Order of the Eastern Star at Douglas, Wyoming.
      On May 16, 1906, Brother Charles H. Townsend, was appointed by Grand Patron F. E. Wunderlich to institute a chapter at Douglas. Brother Townsend convened the petitioners for the purpose of organizing a chapter to be known as Woodbine Chapter. The charter was granted by the Grand Chapter under the date of September 18, 1906, certifying Sister Jennie Phillips as Worthy Matron and Brother Archie D. Cook as Worthy Patron.
      Election of officers for Woodbine took place on December 19,1906, and on January 2, 1907, all officers elected and appointed were installed. Meetings were held twice each month in the Temple Building on Center Street and the attendance at each meeting averaged thirty members.
      Originally, Woodbine Chapter's jurisdiction extended over what is now Converse and Niobrara Counties, but on August 21, 1907, the chapter was petitioned for a waiver of jurisdiction and for consent to organize a chapter at Lusk, Wyoming.
      In 1916 Sister Esther Daniels presented the chapter with a large Bible for the Altar.
      A meeting was held on October 2, 1918, with eleven members present. The next meeting was on January 15, 1919. Meetings resumed and the officers were elected, appointed and installed. No explanation of these skipped meetings was ever given, however, it may have been due to the influenza epidemic prevalent at the time.
      In 1919 Sister Nellie Doyle offered to pay for a star for use in the chapter if Brother Warner would make it. The electric star was presented to the chapter on April 2, 1919.In 1924 jurisdiction was waived to permit organization of a chapter at Glenrock, Wyoming.
      In 1925 a signet was purchased at a cost of $125.00.
      In 1926 the Masonic families moved to their new building.
      During the early 1930's times were bad, business slow and finances low. The chapter treasury was in distress and the Masonic Building Committee was not receiving all the rents for use of the hall. In 1934 the chapter turned over to the Building Association $600.00 in Masonic Temple Bonds, thus paying up back rent and the balance was applied to the 1934 rent.
      Woodbine Chapter, as host for the 1935 Grand Chapter Session, extended invitations to Niobrara Chapter-No. 26, Lusk, Mariposa Chapter No. 35, Manville, and Wheatland Chapter No. 11 to be co-hostesses. The Grand Session was held in the Douglas High School Gymnasium. Rare indeed are canceled meetings, however, in 1935, following the summer vacation, the regular September 1 meeting was postponed due to an epidemic of infantile paralysis.
      In 1936 Sister Leona Bartling, Worthy Matron, announced the organization of a Past Matron's Club.
      In 1939 officers chairs were purchased for the chapter.
      In 1941 Worthy Matron Christine Thompson purchased, and had installed, lights over each of the star point chairs. She also had each pedestal painted in the appropriate color.
      In 1946 Friendship Night was started in Woodbine Chapter by Worthy Matron Georgia Daniels.
      A great change in chapter finances took place following the 1930's. By 1950, from a shortage of funds situation, the treasury enjoyed a balance of approximately $1,000.00.
      In 1957 the ceremonial rug was presented in a most impressive ceremony.
       In 1958 Woodbine had a total of 282 members.
      In 1960 stainless steel tableware was purchased with General Mills coupons and $187.50. Twenty tables and two table trucks were purchased at a price of $935.34.
       In the late 60's and early 70's, Woodbine enjoyed an upswing in finances when they began printing the License Book.
In 1972 the chapter room carpet was purchased and laid at a cost of $3,555.00. The Masonic Lodge paid $500.00 toward the cost of the carpet at that time.
       In 1981 Woodbine celebrated their 75th year of "Sisterhood". Sister Dorothy Taylor was Worthy Matron and this was fifty years after her grandmother Bessie Leman, had celebrated Woodbine's Silver Anniversary.
       Something worthy and commendable occurred during the reign of all Past Matrons and Patrons while they served in the East. All have served with dedication and devotion for the Order of the Eastern Star and all that it stands for: faith in Christ, truth, love, fidelity, hospitality, aid to the distressed and fellowship.
       In 2002, Woodbine Chapter reported that in the Masonic Temple building, they have helped sponsor the new carpet, the re-upholstery of the benches and chairs and the continued refurbishing of the Temple.