Grand Chapter
of Wyoming
Footprints Through Time

Cedar #14, Cody
September 28, 1903 - September 12, 2007

Estelle Barnett
Bertha Rousseau
Monica Krueger
      Grand Patron Frank A. Luckfield of Wyoming Chapter No. 7 reported at his Grand Chapter Session, held at Newcastle in 1903, that he deeply regretted not being able to institute a chapter at Cody. The notice of their preparedness for this ceremony came to him only a short time before the convening of this Grand Body, the great distance prevented his attendance, nor was there time to appoint a deputy.
      The documents from Cody were, therefore, referred to Grand Patron-elect, Charles H. Townsend.On September 10th, 1903, a dispensation was granted to Millie A. Gregory and eleven others, eligible for the degrees, to organize a chapter of the Order of the Eastern Star at Cody, to be known as Cedar Chapter U.D..
      They were soon ready for the organization and the Grand Patron deputized F.C. Barnett to conduct this ceremony, which he did September 28, 1903. The first chapter officers were: Millie A. Gregory, Worthy Matron; Milliard S. Ridgeley, Worthy Patron; and Alerta K. Bradbury, Secretary.
      At the 1904 Grand Chapter Session, Grand Patron Townsend reported Cedar Chapter in a prosperous condition, having added twenty by initiation during the year, and recommended that they receive a charter, which was gladly granted them.
      They originally met in the First National Bank Building, then in the Odd Fellows Lodge Hall. They started meeting in the Cody Masonic Temple on September 11,1905. The chapter was named after Cedar Mountain which can be seen from Cody.
      It is amusing to read the minutes in 1905 where the secretary reported on the Official Visit saying, "the long speeches were endured by all".
       In the early days, members visited back and forth with Basin, coming and going on the train. A bill of $5.00 was allowed to Tex Holm for transporting the ladies to and from the depot.
      Cedar Chapter No. 14 helped to institute Adah Chapter of Meeteetse in 1907, traveling32 miles one way by horse and buggy.
      louise Shuler of Cedar Chapter No. 14 organized Bethel No. 16 of Job's Daughters in Cody. She was considered the "Mother of Job's Daughters" in Cody.
The first organ was bought for $33.75. The Altar was a donation from Frank and Gustie Schultz, who at that time were members of Adah Chapter in Meeteetse.
      When the chapter was going to meet in the Odd Fellows Hall in 1905, the Rebeccas said they could use their piano for not less than $.50 a meeting. Sister Minnie Williams of Cedar Chapter moved and it was seconded that since they had been using the chapter's organ for four years, the chapter should be able to use their piano for two years without charge.
      In 1910 our Sister and charter member Estelle Barnett served as Worthy Grand Matron. She presided at the Thirteenth Annual Session in Rock Springs with Brother Joseph M. Lowndes from Douglas as Worthy Grand Patron. Three years later, Sister Estelle's husband, Brother Fred C. Barnett served as Worthy Grand Patron of the Grand Chapter. He presided with Sister Gertrude Dickinson from Lander, Worthy Grand Matron. Their session was held in Evanston.
       Again, in 1924 we were honored by the Grand Chapter when our Sister Bertha Rousseau was Worthy Grand Matron. She served with Brother John Standsbury as Worthy Grand Patron at their session in Laramie.
       In 1947 the Shrine State Convention was held in Cody with the Worthy Matron Sister Avis Cooper and crew serving 1,400 people a Dutch lunch.
       The first fire safety devices were largeropes suspended out of windows in the Masonic Temple. It is doubtful if they were ever used.
      Milward and Lorna Simpson, served the State of Wyoming as Governor and First Lady in 1956 and 1957. They were 50-year members of Cedar Chapter.
      A new rug in 1958 cost $400.00. In May, when Jackson Hole Chapter was founded, the old rug was given to them.
      The "Jerusalem Hills" Session of the Grand Chapter of Wyoming was held in Cody in 1958. Sister Agnes Evans Brower was Worthy Grand Matron and Brother Irving E. Clark, Worthy Grand Patron.
       The scholarship fund was instituted by Monica Krueger and Glen Mangus. It is still in operation and a $500.00 scholarship is given each year. It started out at $150.00.
       Sister Monica also honored us when, in 1969, she served as Worthy Grand Matron of the Grand Chapter. Her session was in Lander and Brother Jackson Forbes from Mt Lily Chapter No. 10 was Worthy Grand Patron. Their session was known as the "Cheerful Companionship" Session.
       The Seventy-sixth Annual Session of the Grand Chapter convened in Cody in August of 1973. Sister Romaine Harding was Worthy Grand Matron and Brother John Seyfang was Worthy Grand Patron.
      Our Brother Louis Prante honored our chapter when he served as Worthy Grand Patron in 1975 with Sister Georgia Barclay, Worthy Grand Matron, in Newcastle.
       Again, in 1984, Cody was the site of the Grand Chapter of Wyoming. At this Eighty-seventh Annual Session Sister Shirley Rannells was Worthy Grand Matron and Brother Warren L. Smith was Worthy Grand Patron.