Grand Chapter
of Wyoming
Footprints Through Time

Mountain Lily #10, Rock Springs
December 5, 1899 - September 3, 1901

Charles N
Dudley K Bowen
Irene Taliaferro
Jackson Forbes
Jana Krmpotich
John Krmpotich
ROCK SPRINGS-February 4, 2019
    Members of the Mountain Lily Chapter #10, Order of the Eastern Star, recently made a donation to the TSA employees at Southwest Wyoming Regional Airport who had been furloughed.
    The members donated $241 to the TSA employees to offer financial assistance.
    Members and employees participating in the presentation included Jana Krmpotich, Kathryn Currier, and Ellen Currier, Anita Bennett, TSA employee Shannon Lucero, Airport Manager Devon Brubaker, Worthy Matron Kathy Wiekhorst, and Worthy Patron Jim Currier.
Front row (left to right): Jana Krmpotich, Kathryn Currier, and Ellen Currier.
Back row (left to right): Anita Bennett, TSA employee Shannon Lucero, Airport Manager DevonBrubaker, Worthy Matron Kathy Wiekhorst, and Worthy Patron Jim Currier.
      Florence Chapter No. 10 was issued a charter at the Second Annual Session of the Wyoming Grand Chapter and received it on Decembers, 1899. Florence Chapter No. 10 was represented at Grand Chapter in 1900 and 1901, but their charter was revoked at the Session in 1901.
      Rock Springs was a bleak coal mining camp in the arid part of Wyoming, and social life was almost nil, because social activities were very limited. Ninety-five years ago, April 10, 1902, our pioneers lit a candle of service that has burned with undiminished luster through the years. A group of 18 people decided to petition the Grand Chapter of Wyoming, Order of the Eastern Star, for a dispensation to organize an Eastern Star chapter in Rock Springs. The dispensation was granted April 10, 1902, under the name of Mountain Lily Chapter No. 10. The Grand Chapter presented to them the jewels, seal and other books and paraphernalia which had been returned to the Grand Chapter by Florence Chapter No. 10.
      Mountain Lily Chapter No. 10 was organized to furnish fellowship and social enjoyment for the wives, daughters, mothers, sisters and widows of Master Masons. Minnie Elias was appointed Worthy Matron and Thomas Cottle was appointed Worthy Patron. Lilly Treasurer was appointed Associate Matron.
     The meetings were held in the Odd Fellows building and the Masons also met in the same building. Minnie Elias wrote a description of the hall and told what a chore it was to carry water and coal up the stairs to keep a fire going in the pot-bellied stove while the wind and snow howled outside.
     Mountain Lily Chapter has survived the rigors of frontier life, wars, depressions, and loss of membership. This chapter has had many honors during its life. The first Grand Chapter honor was in 1903 when Sister Lilly Treasurer was appointed Grand Organist. From that time on to the present (1997) we have had twenty-two members serve as Grand Officers. The first elective office was in 1923 when Sister Mary Outsen was elected Associate Grand Conductress. Mountain Lily has had three Worthy Grand Matrons; Irene Taliaferro, 1953; Sister Jean Blacker, 1980; and Sister Dee Findlay, 1994. Four of our Brothers have served as Worthy Grand Patron: Charles N. Bell, 1929; Dudley Kent Bowen, 1942; Jackson Forbes, 1969; and Brother Jack Carr will have that honor in 1998. In 1972 Jackson Forbes was appointed Chairman of Charters in General Grand Chapter.
      Grand Chapter appointed Melissa Reed as Grand Representative of Rhode Island in Wyoming in 1904. From that date to the present, 43 members have held an appointment for Grand Representative.
      Mountain Lily has sixteen, 50-year members. When those years are added it totals 1,054 years. The highest number is 76 years and varies to just fifty. These members have touched our lives and etched on our hearts that impressive lesson taught by Electa, that we love one another.
      Mountain Lily has hosted the Wyoming Grand Chapter Sessions four times, first in 1910 with Worthy Grand Matron Sister Estella Barnett presiding. Our Worthy Matron was Hannah Stevenson. Again in 1941, we hosted the Grand Chapter Session with Sister Lillian Templin as Worthy Grand Matron. In 1951 Sister Mae Mickelson, Worthy Grand Matron, held her "Mountain Cathedral" Session here, with Sister Irene Davidson as Worthy Matron. In 1966 Sister Margaret Lee, Worthy Grand Matron, held her Grand Chapter Session here, and in 1994 our own Sister Dee Findlay held her "Soar with the Stars" Session in Rock Springs, and Sister Cheryl Confer was Worthy Matron.
      It is through fraternal service that we can sponsor projects that help all humanity. Mountain Lily supports the projects of Grand Chapter and those recommended by the Worthy Grand Matrons by various kinds of money making projects, donations, and memorials. Using the same methods we also help in community projects. This chapter has its own Youth Scholarship Fund founded by a three time Worthy Matron, Neta Waters. A committee is appointed each year to examine the applicants and their applications. This is in no way connected with the scholarship fund that Grand Chapter has. Another community project that this chapter enters is the Festival of Trees sponsored
by Sweetwater County Hospital. Each year at Christmas, decorated Christmas trees and wreaths are auctioned. The proceeds is used to install Lifelines to those people who need one. The members of the Past Matrons Club decorate a wreath using a theme of Walt Disney. The wreaths have sold for $90.00 to $100.00. They also donate food to the local Food Bank; planted a tree at the Depot Park (a Linden tree) in memory of the victims of the Oklahoma tragedy; help the Worthy Matron when needed; made 23 Christmas socks to be used as goody bags at the Grand Session in August 1997; make a money donation to the Worthy Grand Matron and Worthy Grand Patron on their official visitation to our chapter; and also prepare and serve a breakfast the morning after their visitation.
      No history would be complete unless mention is made of our beautiful paraphernalia that has taken a lot of time, effort and hard work to get. In the beginning only the bare requirements were used. We used the Masonic Altar, and we paid to use the piano. We had a canvas labyrinth rug and tables were those ordinarily used for potted plants (later given to the Christian Science Church). The canvas rug was given to the Dubois Chapter when they were getting started and we purchased a new wool labyrinth rug (made to order) in 1950 for $455.00. A screen was used for the Patron's work until 1927 when we purchased a signet for $369.00. We have an organ. It was purchased in 1955 for $1,300.00. Our lighted white Altar was purchased in 1923 with donations for $181.00. The white pedestals, also lighted, cost $233.00 in 1958. All have come through the work of dedicated members, a most beautiful and impressive picture that a candidate sees on entering the room.
      Sister Edythe Porenta, Past Matron, wrote and compiled a history of Mountain Lily Chapter No. 10 in 1986. This history was published in a book of 110 pages, and is very thorough and interesting. In her own words the book "is lovingly dedicated to those who have gone before and to those yet to come, inremembrance of their devotion to duty, their loyalty to the Order of the Eastern Star, their courageous and enthusiastic outlook on life and their ability to overcome trials and tribulations."